My hustles must pay

My hustles must pay

My hustles must pay. This phrase is used by many people as a source of motivation. This phrase however has different meanings which people don’t know and shouldn’t use. What are the reasons to stop using the phrase ‘my hustles must pay’? Read this article

Stop saying ‘my hustles must pay’

I’ve researched and I’ve gathered a few reasons why you should stop saying and using the phrase.

The phrase itself is too desperate

If you take a good look at the phrase, you’ll get the meaning. Let’s define the phrase using word for word

  • My-you(your)
  • Hustles-work(whether good or bad)
  • Must-compulsorily
  • Pay-bring forth result(whether good or bad)

You see, the phrase doesn’t care if you’re doing a good work neither does it care the kind of result you get. Do you really want to take this risk?

Makes you take irrelevant risks

Perhaps you started saying and using the phrase ‘my hustles must pay’ because you’ve seen countless of your friends who got successful therefore you’ll want to be successful as well. This will make you take risks that may not be necessary

Focused on a bad thing

I’ve heard many people, including my friends who’ll say that if what they do don’t turn out great, they’ll go illegal. This simply means that they’re doing something good with something bad in mind.

You’ll miss out little details

Because of too much focus to get wealthy, you may forget other important things. Take fun for example. Life is too short to worry about everything. You need time for yourself don’t you?

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You’ll forget the difference of good and bad

If you’ve tried good and legal means to make money but all to no avail, you wouldn’t mind going illegal.

You’ll do illegal things

When someone does illegal things, he/she would be arrested. Going illegal means you’re taking a risk of getting arrested therefore spoiling your reputation, hurting the people who care about you

You’ll have no value for your life

What value does someone who doesn’t mind doing anything, taking any risk have for his own life? When you’re too focus on getting results from your hustles, you’ll in time, begin to lose value for your life. This is why you may start taking useless risks

You’ll have no value for life

What value of the lives of others would someone who doesn’t value his/her own life has? When you get too inclined with this phrase, you may view others as stepping-stones and you would do anything to remove people off your way

You’ll have no value for emotions

You wouldn’t mind hurting people. This is particular for internet scammers who act as someone’s lover to steal money from the person. These people don’t care if the person will feel heartbroken or not. Do you want to get to the length of hurting people?

Your life although may be enviable, isn’t worth living

Would you want your children to live this kind of life? If asked to advise someone you care about, would you tell him/her to do illegal things?

Now what mentality should you have?

Now i think you’ll agree with this article that saying and applying the phrase ‘my hustles must pay’. The question now is: what’s the positive way to live your life? Keep reading

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Positive lifestyles

If you apply the following steps into your life, you’ll be positive and your life would have a good meaning

Don’t envy others

The main reason why people use the phrase is because of envy. When they see others getting successful, they envy and they say they must get wealthy. Don’t let envy blind you

Copy only good things from others

If you must envy people, envy them because how they achieved what they’ve achieved and not because of what they achieved. Only envy them when you’re sure they were good all through

Live a unique life

Everyone did something same way doesn’t mean you should follow them. Making your own path would make younger generations follow and learn from you

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Try as much as you can to find your purpose

Your purpose in life is your reason for living. Knowing and locating your purpose would make things easier for you because success is sure and you don’t have to do illegal things. No one’s purpose is to be bad

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Work hard

Work hard to achieve your goals. Don’t be lazy. Set positive goals and learn to achieve them. Working hard would make you enviable

Take the right decision

Don’t view what’s black as white neither view what’s white as black. If you know this is right, do it. If you know it’s wrong, don’t do it. Leave a positive life all the time

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